Monday, April 9, 2012

True Love

The simple example shown by my parents during the difficult days of my mother's illness and death have taught me more about the nature (and celestial possibilities) of human love than all the words that have been spoken, lessons that have been given or books that have been written on the subject:

Thank you both for showing me what I can someday have.

I love you, Mom, now and forever.


Julie said...

I love you Matt. There was never a day in your Mother's married life that she did not know how your Father loved and cared for her. What a wonderful blessing that is rare these days. I love them for their goodness and example. I love them for their kindness and their love of you (their family) What a lucky boy you are! I love her so!

Leslie Scoresby said...

Matt, I love this picture, although it has made me cry over the last few days. What wonderful examples your parents are to what President Hinckley expressed. As we all strive to build our marriages to be like theirs, we will be eternally blessed. I love you and I love them...more than words can say.