Thursday, March 29, 2012

Love Echoes

While combing through my family's memory boxes recently, I came across a letter I wrote to my mother on her birthday on April 22, 2002. In it, I included a birthday poem (the quality may be blah, but the sentiment is sure) and a short note*:
Love Echoes

Sweetly, fully, gently
A mother's unforced love
Giving, helping, sharing
A treasure from above

Beauty, goodness, virtue
Locked within a glance
Reaching, caring, saving
She gives the world a chance

Her worth, no mortal tongue may tell,
This precious gift was giv'n
And sent to lowely earth to dwell
A living glimpse of heav'n

My pen is reaching to express
My thankful heart, yet still
These words could ne'er quite convey
The gratefulness I feel

But thank you, thank you, mother dear
Your son, still standing true,
Would shout these words for all to hear
Dear mother, I love you
Thank you for the love and the support you've given me. The Sons of Helaman may have had wonderful mothers, but I don't know how they couold possibly compare with you. You do so much for our family, the community and the world. You are the original Super Mom. ... Thank you, and Happy, Happy Birthday, Mother Dear, happiness will come to you all year.
Love, Matt"
* NOTE: The letter also included a short message from my companion at the time, Elder Greg Cottrell:
The Cottrell Corner: Mom! Happy Birthday! I hope you can forgive me for all the years I've missed. You're great! Okay, so I've never met you, but your son is great, so he must have a great mother. Thanks for reading "The Cottrell Corner" and Happy Birthday.

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